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We are constantly caught in the vicious cycle of mental fluctuations; this is the root cause of all our miseries. To be liberated from them, not just do we have to address the problem but we also have to understand the root cause: our restless mind.


The human mind is very subtle in nature. It cannot be regulated at the very beginning of yogic practice. Hence, one should start from the gross level, which is our physical body. The first step towards mind regulation is to start regulating the physical body.


To develop our overall personality, we should be able to set the right goals for our life. Without doing this, it is impossible to achieve prosperity, peace of mind, excellence and perfection. The right kind of tips, effective tools and powerful techniques are required to set goals.


The mind is the connection between us and the outer world. Through meditation, learn to control it and find bliss within.


Our body is the vehicle through which we experience the journey of life. Learn to keep it fit with yoga practices and a healthy lifestyle.


The soul is different from the mind and body. It is what observes the thoughts and the outer world. Experiencing this consciously removes misery.

Transform Your Body, Mind And Life Today.

Vigyan Yoga is a philosophy that focuses on the logic and science behind the ancient methodologies of Yoga and meditation.
Be Fit

Learn hatha yoga postures and breathing techniques (pranayama) from ancient scriptures to keep your body strong and supple.

Be Calm

Learn proper meditation techniques developed by the great yogis. Understand how the mind works to keep it under your control.

Be Knowledgable

Learn the deepest secrets of the mind, body and soul. We filtered out arcane and unscientific rituals and curated core information that is logical, practical and easy to understand

Learn at your pace

Bestseller Courses

Learn the Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Sutras, Upanishads, Sankyakarika and many more scriptures right from the safety and comfort of your home.

Want to become a Yoga Teacher?

If you’re not satisfied just being a master of yourself, you can also teach others to master themselves. Learn the postures, philosophies, anatomy, meditation and much more to become a qualified teacher. Spread the knowledge to heal the world one person at a time.

Our Books

In our approach to spreading the tradition of the Ashtanga Yoga practice, we endeavour to share the wisdom of its philosophy. Towards this end, we offer our books as guides, thereby encouraging each and every individual to practise the science of yoga in body, mind and spirit.

Our Blogs

The human mind and everything that it thinks and does is solely our own creation. It is the mind that links us to the outer world

success stories


My search for a Yog Sutra teacher seemed endless. I have been to many teachers but my search continued. They say a good teacher is someone who can explain the subject to you and put light on the subject matter. When student is ready the Teacher appears. I am very lucky and blessed to have found him....
Archana Singhania
Archana Singhania
Three things I feel compelled to say about Kaushal it: 1. Whatever he teaches, he practices and has mastered. 2. In one sense the essence of yoga is the life where desire, thoughts and actions are fully aligned. In his presence you feel what that means. 3. My personal life has been transformed due t...
Ankur Jain
Ankur Jain
I had never learned yoga before, but thanks to attending this teacher training course / have acquired lots of knowledge about yoga Class is conducted in English, so you need some English skills. But when you don't follow the class, teachers explain with simple words and write down on the whiteboard ..
Haruka (Japan)
Haruka (Japan)
Kaushal Kumar is a wise and experienced practitioner, and teacher of Yoga and meditation. His approach is to help the individual realise their own ability to reflect, to be contemplative, be focused, develop powers of concentration and in doing so raise their consciousness. In the tradition of all g...
William Bisel
William Bisel MD FAB India


Vigyan Yoga is a unique style
of the science of Yoga which imparts techniques to maintain a practical and healthy balance between one’s worldly
and spiritual lives. It teaches how to avoid the extremities of life and live in moderation.

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