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Our Mission

Vigyan Yoga is a philosophy that focuses on the logic and science behind ancient methodologies of Yoga and Meditation. ‘Vigyan’ directly translating to the word ‘science’ depicts the organizations focus on decoding ancient beliefs and scriptures; teaching their practices through books, videos, classes and retreats.

These scriptures cover the human body, mind and soul and thus allow one to access these aspects within, in order to find freedom from misery. Through a breakdown of written word and symbolism, our aim is to empower individuals to gain access to the knowledge and information.

Leaving behind the dividers of religion, mythology and other ideologies, Vigyan Yoga focuses on science, logic and the ultimate truth.

Acharya Kaushal Kumar


Acharya Kaushal Kumar has a Masters in Economics and a Masters in Philosophy from Allahabad University. He spent years learning the art and science of yoga and the workings of the mind and body after which he opened his own school of yoga.

He’s since conducted and organised thousands of yoga camps and seminars that have been telecast regularly on Doordarshan and various other news channels. His columns are published in almost all the Hindi national newspapers and magazines. Acharya Kaushal Kumar has also authored multiple books on yoga and has taught various prime ministers and central ministers of India as well as many major corporations. He’s also worked with the Health, AYUSH and HRD ministry to popularise yoga not only in India but abroad as well.

Jai Singhania


While Jai Singhania was pursuing a degree in Business from Boston University, he also dabbled in cosmology, psychology and philosophy that caused a marked change in the way he thought and perceived life. While in his early twenties, he dove deep into spirituality and found that a lot of spiritual concepts made sense while others didn’t. They were highly illogical, irrational and seemed more like myths rather than spiritual truths. He strongly believed that this could hamper his spiritual growth and realised that he needed the help of a guru to guide him on the path of his inner journey.

Eventually, he met Acharya Kaushal Kumar and through him, received guidance and gained profound knowledge that answered his burning questions about the ultimate truth. Having experienced this first hand, he felt compelled to share this knowledge with everyone else in order to help humanity as a whole. It was this belief that led to the founding of Vigyan Yoga.