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Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga Kriya Yoga is meant for ordinary seekers who cannot practise samadhi directly, whose mind is still restless, lacks concentration and who are surrounded by Panchakelesha (five afflictions) like
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Meaning of Kaivalya

What is Kaivalya? The ultimate aim of yoga is the attainment of salvation or Kaivalya or Moksha. Kaivalya has been called by many names in all religious texts such as
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What is anxiety?

What is anxiety and how is it created? Everyone has desires. The desire to fulfil them is what keeps us moving forward in life. We set goals, achieve them and
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What is the mind?

What is the mind? Our mind is the origin and collection of our thoughts, attachments, assumptions, prejudices, emotions and addictions. Since these factors vary from person to person, it’s natural
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