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Discover the Power of Meditation: Free On-Demand Seminar

If you’re inspired and wish to delve deeper into the practice of meditation, we offer a 3-Day Meditation Workshop at a Special Discounted Price. Learn the techniques to make meditation an integral part of your life.

Seize this chance to learn about the art and science of inner peace and self-awareness. Watch now!

What Will You Learn?

  • - Importance of Meditation: Understand why incorporating this ancient practice into your modern life is essential.
  • - Science-Backed Benefits: Get to know the scientific evidence supporting the benefits of meditation for various aspects of health.
  • - Daily Applications: Learn how meditation can improve your day-to-day life, from stress relief to enhanced focus

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<p>I was born on 15 March 1967, in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, to Prem Narayan Shukla and Gayatri Devi. After acquiring primary and secondary education at the government school in my village, I moved away from the village and enrolled for graduation. Thereafter, I completed my post graduation degree in Economics, in 1987, from Allahabad University. Next, I sought admission in the M Phil programme at the prestigious Delhi School of Economics. Little did I know that my life was about to take a 360 degree turn. After a chance encounter with my future Guru at this institution, I decided to quit studying Economics. Instead, I joined the world-renowned Bihar School of Yoga, in 1988. I studied there until 1991. I pursued and completed an MA as well as PhD degree in Yogic Science. During the course of yogic studies, I got deep insights into Indian and Western philosophies, and understood the essence of spiritualism from my enlightened great guru, Saint Abhilash Saheb. I realised that the purpose of my life is to attain self enlightenment and serve humanity. I started my own Yoga institute in New Delhi—Kaushal Yoga Institute—with the aim of serving my fellow beings, in India and abroad, through the science of Yoga.</p>
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Material Includes

  • - 🎥 Format: Recorded Live Session
  • - 💻 Where: Available On-Demand

Material Includes

  • - 🎥 Format: Recorded Live Session
  • - 💻 Where: Available On-Demand


Vigyan Yoga is a unique style
of the science of Yoga which imparts techniques to maintain a practical and healthy balance between one’s worldly
and spiritual lives. It teaches how to avoid the extremities of life and live in moderation.

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