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Importance of Ohm chanting

Importance of Ohm chanting

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“Om” is considered to be the most sacred word in Hinduism. It is believed that chanting “Om” can connect our soul with the Supreme Soul. It is a powerful word that can awaken the mind’s eye and help us connect with the universe.”

Om is such a sound that helps us connect the void with the brain.” Chanting “Om” can also help in awakening the Kundalini, which refers to the seven chakras in the body. “Om” represents the truth, and many people are engaged in the pursuit of this truth through chanting.

According to Puranas, Ohm is derived from three letters: A, U, and M. Ohm or Omkar is also known as Pranav. At the beginning of the universe, Pranava was the first to sparkle, and seven crore mantras appeared only after it.

It is considered the essence of the whole universe and a letter that never gets destroyed. The sound of Ohm comes out from our every breath and controls our breathing as well. According to Chandogyopanishad Om Ittet Akshara (meaning Om is imperishable, and free from erosion.)

According to Chandogya Upanishad, Om is described as “Akshara”, meaning imperishable and free from erosion. Many seekers have attained their objectives by meditating and achieving peace and concentration simply by chanting Om. According to “Dhyana Bindupanishad,” the speciality of the mantra is that one who chants it in all situations, whether holy or impure, can attain the goal of salvation.

By meditating on Ohm, one can achieve concentration and detachment from the subject, which leads to the attainment of the goal of salvation. According to Mundakopanishad, “Pranavo Dhanuh saro hyatma brahma tallakshyamuchyate, Apramatten Vedavyam Sharvatnamyo Bhavet” which means that Ohm (Pranava) is called a bow, the soul is considered as an arrow, and Brahma is said to be its target. This implies that without Ohm, without a bow, one cannot hit any target. Brahma refers to the attainment of truth, knowledge, and salvation.

Ohm is composed of three letters: A, U, and M. “A” means to appear or be born, “U” means to rise, to fly, which does not mean that a person can fly like birds in the sky, but it means that the person has energy. Due to this energy, one can enter the state of meditation and keep moving forward towards our goal on the path of development. “M” means to become silent, that is, to become “Brahmalin,” which means to gain control over all the senses, including our thoughts. We become yogis only after we control our minds. Therefore, through Ohm, we can become yogis by becoming meditative and concentrated. It signifies the origin of the entire universe and the entire creation.

Scientific Approach of Ohm The scientific approach to Ohm reveals that hearing the sound of Ohm has a different effect on the brain. Its pronunciation impacts not only the conscious mind but also the subconscious and unconscious mind. The fluctuations of different frequencies and sounds produce vibrations that regenerate dead cells, forming new ones. When chanting Ohm, waves are transmitted from the brain to the navel, heart, and stomach, promoting well-organized blood circulation throughout the body. Chanting Ohm brings peace and concentration to the mind.

Scientists suggest that using teeth, nose, and tongue while chanting Ohm reduces hormonal and gland secretion, protecting against many diseases. The correct way to pronounce (OHM) to properly chant Ohm, sit on the ground with a straight spinal cord and both hands resting on your feet. Take a deep breath and then exhale the sound of the word “A” from the stomach with a slightly louder voice, causing vibrations in the stomach. Next, exhale while slightly rounding the lips to produce the sound of “U.” Remember to make these three sounds only while exhaling.

Finish by exhaling the last sound, “M.” Effects of Ohm on health Here are the some points about the effects of Ohm on health: Our body has three doshas – Pitta, Kapha, and Vata. Chanting Ohm balances all three doshas, promoting stability and destroying negative energy around us. Ohm chanting is beneficial for stomach problems, indigestion, and fatty liver, where the disturbance of Pitta and Vata occurs in the body.

Pronouncing the sound of “A” longer while chanting Ohm has a strong effect on Vata and Pitta, bringing balance to the air in the body and providing relief from these diseases. Chanting Ohm with the sound of “U” prolonged is helpful for weak immunity, lung problems, breathing issues, heart problems, tonsils, and thyroid problems related to the throat and lungs. Pronouncing the sound of “M” longer while chanting Ohm is effective in treating brain-related problems, ENT issues (nose, ear, throat), eye-sight issues, memory problems, and sleep problems.


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