Decoding the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali


A Beginner’s Guide to the Ultimate Truth

Yoga has been the bedrock of Indian culture since ancient times. Sage Patanjali was the first entity to pen a book exclusively on the science of yoga. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali contains deep secrets of the mind—a resting place of all the happiness and miseries we experience in our lifetimes. Patanjali understood the mind’s inner workings and processes, and authored an ultimate guide to eliminating these miseries, enabling man to be at his most efficient. Because only when the mind is devoid of thoughts are its intelligence and wisdom at their peak. That is when one gains access to higher consciousness.

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Decoding the Yoga Sutras breaks down the terminology and principles of yoga and the workings of the mind, and explains them practically and logically. This translation of the spiritual treatise contains critical knowledge of Patanjali’s yoga and has been written in the context of the current times.

The original work by Patanjali contains a few sutras that may seem exaggerated and unrealistic and could be misunderstood by practitioners of yoga, thereby becoming detrimental to their practice. This translation clarifies those very sutras, uses the universal laws of causality, and debunks all the myths commonly considered as yoga facts, enabling the reader to learn the methods scientifically.


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