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Subtle practice of Shambhavi Mudra

Subtle practice of Shambhavi Mudra

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Shambhavi Mahamudra is a powerful meditation technique that originates from the ancient yoga tradition. It involves practicing concentration with open eyes, while keeping the gaze focused on a particular point or object. The practice of this mudra aims to bring about hormonal changes in the brain and awaken the third eye or Agya Chakra, which is associated with intuition and higher consciousness.

In Shambhavi Mahamudra, the eyes are kept half-open while gazing at a particular object or point, which helps to stabilize the movement of the eyes and calm the mind. Through this practice, one can develop the ability to concentrate and focus the mind, and access deeper levels of awareness.

The practice of Shambhavi Mahamudra is said to have many benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety, improving mental clarity and focus, enhancing intuition and creativity, and promoting overall physical and mental well-being.

Here are the steps to practice Shambhavi Mahamudra:

  1. Find a quiet and comfortable place to sit: Choose a place where you can sit comfortably for an extended period of time. You can sit on the floor or on a chair, but make sure that your spine is straight.
  2. Relax your body: Take a few deep breaths and relax your body. Release any tension in your muscles.
  3. Slow down the movement of your eyes: This step involves reducing the movement of your eyes. Move your eyes from bottom to top for 15-20 seconds, then from top to bottom for 15-20 seconds. Repeat this process a few times. Next, move your eyes from left to right and repeat the process. This exercise helps to slow down the movement of your eyes.
  4. Concentrate on a point: Choose a point to focus your gaze. You can choose any object, but make sure it’s at eye level. Gaze at the point without blinking for a few minutes.
  5. Practice Trataka: Trataka is a yogic practice that involves gazing at a particular point or object. You can use a candle flame, a picture, or any other object. Keep your eyes focused on the object for as long as possible without blinking. This practice helps to improve concentration and focus.
  6. Visualize the object: Once you’ve practiced Trataka, close your eyes and visualize the object you were gazing at. Imagine the object in as much detail as possible.
  7. Focus on your third eye: Open your eyes and gaze at the point again. This time, focus on the spot between your eyebrows, which is known as the third eye. Keep your gaze fixed at the point while focusing on your third eye.
  8. Maintain the gaze and breath: Maintain the gaze for as long as you can while taking slow and deep breaths. You can start with a few minutes and gradually increase the duration.
  9. Release and relax: After a few minutes, release the gaze and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and relax your body.

It’s recommended to learn Shambhavi Mahamudra under the guidance of a qualified yoga teacher.


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