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The Concept of Yoga

The Concept of Yoga

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Yoga is the science of living the right life. When the word yoga is mentioned, people often think of stretching and physical exercises to reduce stress. Although this is one aspect of yoga, it is in fact a very small part. In a broader sense, the real meaning of yoga is the science of the mind.

Yoga is a means of establishing balance and harmony between the body, mind and emotions. This is done through the practice of asanas, pranayama and meditation.

The goal of yoga is to bring various bodily functions in perfect harmony so that they work for the well-being of the whole body.

Yoga works on the body, mind, emotions and energy levels of the individual. There are four broad classifications of yoga. Karma yoga in which we use the body, Bhakti Yoga which uses emotions, Jnana Yoga where we use the mind and intellect and Kriya Yoga which harnesses energy.

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Vigyan Yoga is a unique style
of the science of Yoga which imparts techniques to maintain a practical and healthy balance between one’s worldly
and spiritual lives. It teaches how to avoid the extremities of life and live in moderation.

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