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The Power of Focusing on Breath in Meditation

The Power of Focusing on Breath in Meditation

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In the practice of meditation, focusing on the breath holds significant importance. It allows us to detach from emotions and imagination, leading us to a state of disinterest. While initially, we may use external objects as points of concentration, such as idols or pictures, eventually, we shift our attention to the breath. The breath transcends sensory qualities and provides a constant and neutral focal point. By letting go of imaginative thoughts and emotional attachments, we gradually attain a state of thoughtlessness. It’s important to note that meditation encompasses more than just stopping thoughts; it involves mindfulness, self-awareness, and accessing higher states of consciousness. Focusing on the breath allows us to observe thoughts without getting caught up in them and gain deeper insight into our inner experiences.

Breath as a Neutral Point of Focus:

The breath is an ideal object of focus during meditation because it doesn’t have a specific shape, color, or scent. This neutrality helps us disengage from distractions related to our senses. By concentrating on the breath, we can let go of sensory distractions and maintain a centered state of awareness.

Detachment from Emotions and Imagination:

When we focus on the breath, we detach ourselves from emotional connections. The breath lacks sensory qualities, making it easier to separate ourselves from emotions that might arise during meditation. By letting go of emotional attachments and imaginative thinking, we gradually enter a state of disinterest, allowing our minds to quiet down.

Moving Beyond External Objects:

At the beginning of meditation practice, it’s common to choose external objects, such as idols or pictures, to enhance concentration. However, as we progress, we learn to let go of these objects. Concentrating on external objects can lead to increased thoughts and fantasies. To reach a deeper state of meditation, we shift our attention to the breath, which is always present and accessible.

Cultivating Mindfulness and Self-Awareness:

Focusing on the breath helps us develop mindfulness and self-awareness. It allows us to observe our thoughts without getting entangled in them. By detaching from thoughts, we gain a deeper understanding of our inner experiences and transcend the limitations of the mind. This increased awareness helps us navigate our thoughts and emotions in a more balanced and insightful way.


Choosing to focus on the breath during meditation holds immense power. By directing our attention to the breath, we move beyond the realm of emotions and imagination, entering a state of disinterest. The breath acts as a constant and neutral point of focus, allowing us to detach from sensory distractions. Through consistent practice, we develop mindfulness and self-awareness, leading us to higher states of consciousness. Embrace the simplicity and accessibility of the breath as you embark on your journey of self-discovery through the practice of meditation.


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