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Yoga shows us the path to make our perspective unbiased and objective. With the help of Yoga, we can master our mind and hence become the master of our destiny. Our mind drives our body, senses and emotions, too. If the mind is under constant stress, it affects the body negatively, and vice versa—for example, psychosomatic diseases like diabetes and hypertension are an example of the mind’s effect on the body. All work requires a certain level of mental concentration. With gaining mastery over our mind, not only can we achieve excellence and perfection in our work but can also seek bliss and, ultimately, enlightenment.

In brief, we can say that mastery over the mind is the key to solving all human problems. And that key is Yoga.


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Regular yoga asana practice is necessary for better health. Yogasana boosts energy levels in the body and calms the mind also. The learning of yoga connects body, breath and mind. Yoga asana helps in improving your body posture and flexibility by improving your overall fitness level. Therefore, it is very beneficial to practice yoga on a daily basis to reduce the risk of various health problems.



Life energy can be increased by controlling the breath. Pranayama teaches us how to make ourselves strong and healthy by regulating the breath. Pranayama is most effective in bringing youth out of depression and stress. It strengthens your immune system as well as strengthens the lungs. Pranayama increases concentration and the mind becomes ready for meditation.

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My search for a Yog Sutra teacher seemed endless. I have been to many teachers but my search continued. They say a good teacher is someone who can explain the subject to you and put light on the subject matter. When student is ready the Teacher appears. I am very lucky and blessed to have found him....
Archana Singhania
Archana Singhania
Three things I feel compelled to say about Kaushal it: 1. Whatever he teaches, he practices and has mastered. 2. In one sense the essence of yoga is the life where desire, thoughts and actions are fully aligned. In his presence you feel what that means. 3. My personal life has been transformed due t...
Ankur Jain
Ankur Jain
I had never learned yoga before, but thanks to attending this teacher training course / have acquired lots of knowledge about yoga Class is conducted in English, so you need some English skills. But when you don't follow the class, teachers explain with simple words and write down on the whiteboard ..
Haruka (Japan)
Haruka (Japan)
Kaushal Kumar is a wise and experienced practitioner, and teacher of Yoga and meditation. His approach is to help the individual realise their own ability to reflect, to be contemplative, be focused, develop powers of concentration and in doing so raise their consciousness. In the tradition of all g...
William Bisel
William Bisel MD FAB India

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