Vigyan Yoga is a philosophy that focuses on the logic and science behind ancient methodologies of Yoga and Meditation. ‘Vigyan’ directly translating to the word ‘science’ depicts the organizations focus on decoding ancient beliefs and scriptures; teaching their practices through books, videos, classes and retreats.

These scriptures cover the human body, mind and soul and thus allow one to access these aspects within, in order to find freedom from misery. Through a breakdown of written word and symbolism, our aim is to empower individuals to gain access to the knowledge and information.

Leaving behind the dividers of religion, mythology and other ideologies, Vigyan Yoga focuses on science, logic and the ultimate truth.

Meet the Founders

Acharya Kaushal Kumar


Acharya Kaushal Kumar has a Masters in Economics and a Masters in Philosophy from Allahabad University. He spent years learning the art and science of yoga and the workings of the mind and body after which he opened his own school of yoga.

He’s since conducted and organised thousands of yoga camps and seminars that have been telecast regularly on Doordarshan and various other news channels. His columns are published in almost all the Hindi national newspapers and magazines. Acharya Kaushal Kumar has also authored multiple books on yoga and has taught various prime ministers and central ministers of India as well as many major corporations. He’s also worked with the Health, AYUSH and HRD ministry to popularise yoga not only in India but abroad as well.


Jai Singhania


While Jai Singhania was pursuing a degree in Business from Boston University, he also dabbled in cosmology, psychology and philosophy that caused a marked change in the way he thought and perceived life. While in his early twenties, he dove deep into spirituality and found that a lot of spiritual concepts made sense while others didn’t. They were highly illogical, irrational and seemed more like myths rather than spiritual truths. He strongly believed that this could hamper his spiritual growth and realised that he needed the help of a guru to guide him on the path of his inner journey.

Eventually, he met Acharya Kaushal Kumar and through him, received guidance and gained profound knowledge that answered his burning questions about the ultimate truth. Having experienced this first hand, he felt compelled to share this knowledge with everyone else in order to help humanity as a whole. It was this belief that led to the founding of Vigyan Yoga.

Saptang Yoga

Kaushal Yoga comprises seven limbs, and is therefore called Saptang Yoga. Its components are:



We are constantly caught in the vicious cycle of mental fluctuations; this is the root cause of all our miseries. To be liberated from them, not just do we have to address the problem but we also have to understand the root cause: our restless mind. All our actions are aimed at pleasing the mind. But, due to ignorance, we don’t know a wholesome way to do so. It is imperative that we have a comprehensive understanding of our own self, the transient world, and the relationship between the two.



To develop our overall personality, we should be able to set the right goals for our life. Without doing this, it is impossible to achieve prosperity, peace of mind, excellence and perfection. The right kind of tips, effective tools and powerful techniques are required to set goals and to accomplish them. A high level of determination and patience is required to attain those goals. 



The human mind is very subtle in nature. It cannot be regulated at the very beginning of yogic practice. Hence, one should start from the gross level, which is our physical body. The first step towards mind regulation is to start regulating the physical body. It has five parts:

A. Asana: It has three levels—basic, intermediary and advanced. Basic level is for beginners.  Those who achieve mastery over the basic level move to the intermediate and, eventually, the advanced level. 

B. Cleanliness: Physical cleanliness is necessary not just to develop one’s personality but also for advancement in yogic practice. It includes keeping clean one’s physical body, clothes and also where one lives.

C. Right food: Food is an essential part of our life. Not only should we be aware of the right kind and quality of food, but its quantity and the right time for consumption are equally important.  

D. Study of the scriptures: We should make it a habit to study a scripture and ruminate over it, at least for a few minutes every day, to accomplish our goal.

E. Karm Yoga or Service: We should inculcate a habit of doing selfless work, at least for a few minutes every day. This is essential for the peace of mind as well as for acquiring an emotional balance. 

4. Pranic self regulation: Prana is subtler than the gross body and is deeply linked to  the mind. It plays a very important role in controlling the mind. There are a few pranayams the practise of which is necessary to be able to control the prana, and therefore gain control over the mind. There are three levels of the pranayam: simple or basic, kumbhak and mudras.



Mental regulation forms the core of Kaushal Yoga because it is the only thing which we human beings can control. By controlling our mind, we can get rid of our miseries as well as bring about a change in the outer world. There are five parts to it:

A. To break down obstacles: Our past habits and sanskaras—like laziness, procrastination, suspicion, living in an illusion, etc.—are obstacles in the path of attaining our goals. 

B. Contentment: Inculcation of self satisfaction is important to accomplish our goals and to develop our personality. 

C. Correct speech: The right manner of speaking, proper intention, appropriate means of earning, the right effort and conduct are necessary to achieve goals. 

D. Right thinking: This is important for spiritual development.

E. Appropriate understanding: This is essential for our mental peace, and for achieving our goals.



The correct technique to develop concentration is critical for the improvement of our personality. Just as the right food is necessary to support the physical body, similarly, concentration is necessary for the mind. To live a peaceful and balanced life, one should practise concentration every day, without fail. 



We all want to achieve excellence in our life. It is possible only by achieving a balance and increasing the level of concentration. These can be achieved by daily practise of meditation. 

Highest attainment: Called liberation, this state of being can be achieved by practising detachment. This is also the most advanced stage of being that a human can attain. 



Vigyan Yoga is a unique style
of the science of Yoga which imparts techniques to maintain a practical and healthy balance between one’s worldly
and spiritual lives. It teaches how to avoid the extremities of life and live in moderation.

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